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Here are some important reasons why working with Wellness Partners, LLC is better for your company than working directly with freelance writers and editors:

  • Wellness Partners works with a large group of medical writers and editors with a variety of backgrounds and skills. We have the best match for your project, and can save you the expense of advertising, screening, interviewing and testing new freelance writers.

  • Wellness Partners handles work agreements, project management, invoicing and payment, and makes sure your deadlines and budget are met.

  • Our quality control includes a basic copy edit to correct simple errors of grammar, style, capitalization, punctuation, repetition, word usage and jargon. Our in house editing service reviews references for completeness, format and scientific accuracy.

  • Our range of services includes fact checking for all materials our writers produce. We can also format the article to conform to the requirements of a specific journal and can reformat tables, figures and figure legends to represent the data more clearly

Wellness Partners, as the name implies, is more focused on developing partnerships with our clients than simply knocking out a job and moving on to the next project. It is through the growth of strong relationships that we can ensure the success, development, implementation, and execution of your writing projects and online healthcare initiatives.

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