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Wellness Partners, LLC (WPL) is an Internet publisher of high quality health and medical information for consumer and professional audiences. Since its beginning in 2001, it has created and managed:

SeekWellness.com, WPL's main consumer health website, is focused on pelvic health conditions and issues confronted by people as they age including nutrition, physical fitness, weight control, fall prevention and wellness.

Over the years, WPL has completed many projects for a wide variety of client companies and organizations. Rather than hire multiple specialty writers and editors, WPL made the decision to assemble a group of freelancers who can provide the best skills and backgrounds to complete each project. Over time, this network has been winnowed through experience to produce a group of high quality, professional, reliable and proficient medical writers and editors. In 2010, WPL decided to make the services of their network of medical writing and editing professionals available to other companies.

Our commitment is to provide excellent service that is responsive to our clients and to our writers, respectful of budgets and deadlines and always designed to foster long term relationships.

Our goal is to work with healthcare consumers, providers, companies and organizations to improve wellness and enhance the delivery of healthcare when care is needed. Everyone is on the receiving end of health care at some point in his or her life. Wellness Partners is trying to help the health care system evolve into what each of us deserves when that time comes. Are you interested in working with us?

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