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Fact checking: Medical fact checking is detective work taken to some surprising levels and our fact checkers use many tools, including their own stores of information, internet searches, research journals, government and institutional databases as well as personal contacts. Our fact checkers don't only check facts, but also verify figures, spellings and locations. And we check the facts that our fact checkers have checked.

Permissions: Our permissions editors take the time and have the tenacity and experience to track down even the most stubborn and obscure references. You've already done the Herculean work of researching, referencing and writing the piece. Now we do the digging to obtain the rights to reprint any copyrighted material you've included.

Copyediting: Our copy editors check spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and are available to address higher-level needs such as flow and consistency. Literature citations are checked to ensure that each citation that appears in the text is also included in the list of citations and vice versa; and citations are edited to conform to preferred style. Medical copy editing requires a particular background and level of experience that you can count on finding at Wellness Partners, LLC.

Substantive Editing: Our editors are wizards at transforming dense medical and technological writing into clear, jargon-free content that's easily read and understood by your intended audience. We address problems of structure, organization, coherence and logical consistency, reworking tables, figures and figure legends to represent your data more clearly. Our editors will also amend document text to ensure that it complies with whatever format and reference style is required by a specific journal.

Review and Peer Review: Prior to submitting your work, you can bring it to our experienced editors for an evaluation of the manuscript that highlights areas where changes may provide the most benefit and where criticisms may arise during peer review. We can also provide a peer review that consists of copyediting and proofreading by a medical editor and a second content review by a credentialed medical professional.

Proofreading: Because our proofreaders are medical writers and editors themselves, they bring a specific mindset to proofing your work. This one last look is done for low level corrections, such as misspellings, repetitive words, and grammar mistakes. We also look for formatting issues and proper referencing with an eye for the overall flow of your piece. We take your hard work and make it shine.

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